Aug 30, 2013
Immerse Yourself With Omnia
Omnia - Immersion (Original Mix) [Armind]

If you’re after uplifting trance with a few twists and turns along the way, you can’t go far wrong with Ukrainian producer Omnia. Smashing into the big leagues with The Fusion, every subsequent track has been well worth the wait and his latest effort Immersion is no exception.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from Omnia – There’s big synths, catchy plucks and a very euphoric production style. Yet it chugs along nicely at a pace that puts it in the more proggy end of the spectrum, making it quite diverse in terms of where it will fit in a DJ set. Omnia also manages to very subtly suggest other genres in his work–there’s a hint of big room going on here, mainly in the shape of some stomping builds. Yet the drops always fall right back into the dreamy trance he’s known for. Due to these clever stylistic flourishes and some simple yet catchy songwriting, this is a track that manages to keeps things sounding fresh and should appeal to wide range of fans.

Out now on Armind as a Beatport Exclusive, Immersion is another chapter in Omnia’s seemingly unstoppable journey to the top.

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