Jul 26, 2011
I'm Dillon F*cking Francis
Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis - Who the F*ck Are You? (Original Mix)
CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)
Time Takers - She Blows (Whistle Tune) (Dillon Francis Remix)

West Coast prodigy Dillon Francis has had a few appearances here @ LT3, but up until now has only been tagged on to posts with a remix or a track relevant to the post, never primarily featured. As this young DJ is constantly tearing up festivals this season and seems to release a bomb track just about every other day, what better time than now to feature Sir Francis?

Although he’s recently come into fame through the nascent genre of moombahton, Dillon Francis has always has been comfortable bringing his talent to other genres. His latest release is a 3-track dubstep EP alongside his mentor Cory Enemy (all tracks can be found over at Dillon’s Soundcloud). All three tracks on the release are solid, but it’s the sophisticatedly chilled out wobble-tune titled Who the F*ck Are You that will have me coming back over and over.

As impressive as Dillon Francis’ latest dubstep release may be, you really can’t begin to understand how good he currently is, or the full range of his sound until you checkout some of his latest moombah remixes. For that reason I’ve tagged on his remixes of Hits Me Like a Rock by CSS and She Blows (Whistle Tune) by Time Takers. I’m amazed at how truly versatile these tracks prove to be. From drunk girls at a top 40 club to avid bass fans, I can guarantee that just about everyone will find themselves dancing to these monster club hits.

Picture taken at Camp Bisco, courtesy of yours truly.

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