Aug 22, 2011
Iller than Ill
ill-esha - Parallel Futures [Simplify]
ill-esha - Fireflies [Simplify]
ill-esha - Only Fair (Gladkill Remix) [Simplify]

Simplify Recordings is on fire as of late. Between the recent Elliot Mars and Freddy Todd releases, One would think they’d be starting to run the pipelines dry. Well, Simplify Recordings is better than that. I’m pleased to say that I’m pretty happy about Elusive History too! Elusive History is ill-esha’s new 5 track EP. Full of downtempo luvstep goodness, you can practically pick each song apart as you listen to it. Since we’ve not featured ill-esha on LessThan3 before, I’ll give you a little rundown on where this innovative producer would fall on your music map: she’s over in the glitch hop quadrant, amongst Ill.Gates, Freddy Todd, NastyNasty, and Gladkill.

Between Parallel Futures and Fireflies, I can’t decide which track is the real shining light of this ill release, so listen to them both, and decide for yourself before taking some time to give your boy Gladkill some love, while he gives ill-esha some love, and together they give your ears some love. His remix of the first track on the EP, Only Fair, is a very Gladkill spin on this track. You’ll love this one, guys.

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