Sep 25, 2013
ID&T Announces TomorrowWorld TV

With only a few days until the inaugural TomorrowWorld Festival kicks off in Chattahoochee Hills, GA., you probably thought your chance to witness the Stateside debut with your own eyes was long gone… think again.

While unless you’ve got a private jet (or a deep airfare budget) you won’t be able to be physically present at the festivities, ID&T announced yesterday that TomorrowWorld will be streaming live worldwide via TomorrowWorld TV.

tomorrowworld live stream youtube

Through a partnership with YouTube and Motorola, TomorrowWorld will be streaming all the action from the many, many stages and huge names booked for the three-day festival Sept. 27-29. Motorola apparently has a ton of extra features like chat and custom skins for your player, so don’t miss out on the TomorrowWorld experience, no matter where you’re at. Check in here now, and bookmark the page so you can get right into the action on Friday.

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