Nov 30, 2013
‘Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zuruck’ Remixed
The Peacemaker Project - Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zuruck (Jody Wisternoff Retouch) [Anjunadeep]
The Peacemaker Project - Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zuruck (Beckwith Remix) [Anjunadeep]

Some dance music fits the definition of “cool” like it was designed with the word in mind. It’s the track that can get away with things most tracks can’t without looking stupid. It can wear sunglasses at night or drive a convertible when it’s cloudy, and it doesn’t just get away with it; it looks good doing it. A perfect example of this comes in the shape of Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zuruck.

The work of international collaboration The Peacemaker Project, the original is a cover of a track by German rapper Moses Pelham and has been doing the rounds since it was released back in January. This long awaited remix package is led by the featured re-touch courtesy of deep legend Jody Wisternoff which opened his half of Anjunadeep:05 and gives the original a subtle yet important kick–it’s hard to put your finger on, but it’s just somehow better. Then there’s a much darker remix from NYC based producer Beckwith, which maintains the deep groove of the original but gives the track a more minimal, melodic feel.

Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zuruck is one of those tracks that comes around every so often that sums up a genre, and these remixes only re-enforce that feeling. Get them now and play them loud, because from trendy bar to fashion show, this is a track that needs to be heard.

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