Mar 05, 2011
I-tune for Miles
Miles Dyson - I-tune (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]

Been hankering for some dirty electro? Miles Dyson at your service with his new track I-tune, a dance-off between old school disco-era strings and grindy electro synths. Getting started quickly, at about the one-minute mark you’ll be thrust into some nostalgia right before the first destructive drop. I think you’ll agree it throws you out to sea without a life raft. The track screams “dance or get the #*&@ out!” I’d expect acts such as Chris Lake to spin this one live, given its mesh of old school and new school sounds.

It’s altogether not surprising that such a track comes to us courtesey of Miles Dyson. The man owns the publishing company Plasmapool Media Entertainment and it has fifteen labels. Holy crap. He also did the engineering behind Pleasurekraft’s Tarantula, which definitely sent some shock waves through the EDM scene when it released last year. With how busy this guy seems to be, it’s amazing that he still gets to pump out such quality tunes. Our hats off to him!

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