Jul 22, 2011
I Spilled Some Beats
Lazy Rich - Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix) [Big Fish]

Canadian giant Lazy Rich, electro god and owner/label manager of Big Fish Recordings, is back with another complextro banger called Better Wipe That Up. I can only guess that he means I better wipe the drool up from my keyboard, because this track is a jaw-dropper for sure.

Lazy Rich has a way of making anyone else’s “big room tune” sound like it was made to be played in a solitary confinement cell. Better Wipe That Up is a symphony of huge trancey breakdowns, extremely intricate, thick basslines, and of course, those crazy little synths that break up the track and make it the metropolis of noise promised by the Lazy Rich name.

If you would like to hear more of what Lazy Rich is doing these days, be sure to check out his podcast The Lazy Rich Show here.

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