Aug 05, 2014
Move In ‘Circles’ With I See MONSTAS
I See MONSTAS - Circles

London’s I See MONSTAS is back with the soulful, high-octane bass music for which the trio has become famous on new single Circles, a fierce drum & bass production with an uplifting theme that rivals 2013’s inspirational heater Evolution.

The trio comprising producers Rocky and Rufio and singer Skaar crafts another powerfully emotive D&B tune in Circles, which showcases the group’s calling-card vocal tendencies over a driving beat packed with somber piano chords and a simple, hopeful synth melody. As with previous releases, Skaar’s arresting voice builds in intensity and desperate emotion as the tune floors it toward the crest of the build, further propelling the climax over the edge with his tortured, sustained notes that eventually become a part of the drop itself. The choir-esque breakdown drives home the group’s gospel-electronica motif by supporting Skaar’s voice with a bank of backup voices straight from a pentecostal church–feels for days.

Circles is out Oct. 14. Follow I See MONSTAS to stay up to date, and catch the trio live at the Mad Decent Block Party in either Detroit or Nashville. More info here.

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