Aug 11, 2010
I Need Some Rescuing
Skepta - Rescue Me (Sigma Remix) [3Beat]

Listening to Pendulum’s most recent Essential Mix, I was pretty consistently blown away by some really fine mixing and song selection. Every track fit neatly into that trademark Pendulum sound, even if was completely unfamiliar to me.

That was definitely the case for Rescue Me. Originally a vocal single by the reknowned MC Skepta, a violent touch-up by British duo Sigma has really unleashed the beast inside. You’ll hear why Pendulum chose this track to fill the gap between their own; it sports a beautifully melodic introduction that does not foretell of the madness to come (if you haven’t noticed, Pendulum just loves to do that).

Once it drops, though, you’ll be holding onto your chair for dear life. Rescue Me just barely straddles the line between dubstep and drum n’ bass, fusing the bare bones of a classic Amen break with some relentless dub-like grindiness. Props to Sigma, who seem to be pretty talented at working melody into basslines and beats – just check out Baltimore.

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