Feb 01, 2011
I Like My Bass Down Low
The Cataracs & Dev - Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)

I’m not sure we will ever truly understand the insane influence that Pon De Floor by Major Lazer has had on EDM since it came out. Even in this dubstep tune, Bass Down Low, we catch a short glimpse of that signature sound that we’re all more than familiar with. Not complaining at all–I’m just in awe of what Major Lazer achieved with their hit. Anyway, the vocals on this thing sound straight up like Far East Movement (with good reason, Dev is the vocalist) and let me tell you–they’re hot. And there’s no denying that everybody loves a girl who likes her bass down low.

Proper Villians has done a masterful remix of The Cataracs’ track here, throwing up a destructive wobbly beat and incorporating the vocals in just the right increments to keep everything moving. The bass wobs here have some pretty interesting musicality to them that distinguish them a bit from other wobs and wiggles. Overall, this is exactly the kind of face-smacking remix that the likes of 12th Planet will be loving to death and employing in sets.

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