Aug 26, 2011
I Envite You to Listen
Michael Cassette - Pangaea (Envotion Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Envotion - The Last Wave (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Envotion - Recoder (Extended Mix)

Recently inspired by the retro sounds of Anjunadeep’s Michael Cassette, the group Envotion have constructed an impressive remix of Pangaea. With the epic progressive house tune itself named after the prehistoric super continent, Envotion proudly stands as a collaborative effort by three highly skilled dutch producers Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts, and Stijn Halfens.

Earlier this year they released the deeply therapeutic tune The Last Wave, which earned the favor of many including one of the most highly discerning DJs, Jaytech. The pads in this one are truly something to admire. Quite a beautiful piece, don’t be surprised if you end up conjuring images of the ocean in your mind.
Scoring top releases on Armada’s Electronic Elements label as well, their pounding track Recoder has taken progressive trance to a level of 124bpm. Personally I was astonished by the last low point I heard of 126bpm on Charlie the Fisher by David Barnes of Barnes & Heatcliff. Definitely showing off more of their dark side, this hard hitting fist pumper builds to an unstoppable climax.

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