Jul 31, 2011
I Choose Me Too
Xilent - Choose Me II (Original Mix) [Audioporn]

Not many have heard of him, but this 21 year-old named Xilent has stirred up the dubstep scene after a clip of his new track Choose Me II showed up on UKF Dubstep. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Xilent, aka Eryk Kowalczyk, is now studying and producing out of Scotland. Though better known as a dnb talent, he’s now positioned himself to be a fresh dubstep up-and-comer.

With the officially release of his EP comes the full-length version of this game changer production. Choose Me II is a tune that will give you chills all over your body every time you listen take a listen; whether it be from unearthly vocal, euphoric trance swooshes, or its techy bass and epic breakdown, this is truly a remarkable tune.

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