Apr 22, 2015
How Hysteria Records Rebuilt After The Death Of Paul Baumer

Following the passing of Paul Baumer of Bingo Players, it was unclear what the future of Hysteria Records, BP’s personal imprint, would be. Paul was a large part of the A&R process at the label, actively involving himself in seeking out and signing up-and-coming electronic talent, and a loss like that on the creative side can be hard to recover from.

Cut to today, and Hysteria is bigger and better than ever, with releases topping the Beatport charts, blowout Miami Music Week parties, and a new compilation that showcases some of the label’s best new releases. We spoke with Rutger Baumer, current label manager and brother to Paul, about how the label rebuilt itself to remain the powerhouse electro entity it has always been.

What was the main hole that needed to be filled following the passing of Paul?

The creative/A&R part. He always knew if a record would work or not, no matter if you were an established name in the industry or a new talent. Also, somehow he always knew what the next upcoming sound would be.

Did you rebuild within the present team, or did you bring on additional members to help?

We just continued with the team from Bingo Players management that we already had. We only teamed up to do more A&R together instead of just Paul and Maarten.

Any new direction of sound coming along with the rebuilding?

Not a dramatic change in style, but we’re always looking to push things forward and searching for artists or tracks that have something unique to them. Nowadays there are so many releases so for us it is very important that the track that sounds fresh and also works great live. We like big room tracks, but we always try to find tracks that have a certain groove to them.

What is the current staff setup like?

I (Rutger Baumer) am the label manager, and we have Toby Benson doing A&R/business/marketing, Joe Pepin also on A&R/marketing as well as creative, Max doing digital marketing, and one marketing assistant, Eric.

I imagine it was harder for you than most to get back on your feet again following the death of Paul. What made you able to carry on his legacy and forge your own?

It was really hard and it still is. He taught me everything about the industry, but also in spite of his busy schedule he always was there for me as a real big brother like everyone wishes for. If I needed advice I could always call him no matter what. Now I have to do it on my own, but it is his belief in me that keeps me going and makes me give 110 percent.

Which aspects of the label, from the look to the sound and beyond, offer the most poignant reminders of Paul’s legacy?

We are always doing something different than most labels, and we keep supporting new talent like Paul always wanted to do with Hysteria.

Where would you like to see Hysteria in five years?

Being even bigger than now and watching our newer artists grow. We also want more of our own label parties, festival stages–just general worldwide domination.

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