Apr 15, 2013
Hyper Reality Starts With Panteros 666
Panteros 666 - Hyper Reality (Original Mix) [Bromance Records]
Panteros 666 - Olymp X (Original Mix) [Bromance Records]
Panteros 666 - Zoo Magazine (Original Mix) [Bromance Records]

Club Cheval member Panteros 666 is the man behind the largest release on Bromance Records to date, titled Hyper Reality. Future-bass and contemporary dance music swirl together throughout this mini LP, which meets and exceeds any expectations one might have from the French-based label headed by Louis Brodinski. These seven tracks are the brainchild of only one quarter of Club Cheval, so it’s no wonder that together, they are considered by many to be one of the most forward-thinking groups in the world of electronic music today.

The namesake track, Hyper Reality, opens the LP with a fresh take on the familiar ‘Bromance’ sound–dancey and energetic. The next few tracks go deeper and darker as Panteros 666 journeys through the realm of acid house, not letting up until reaching Olymp X. The unmistakable Club Cheval sound of this trap-like anthem adds a whole new dimension to this influential release. We finish off with Zoo Magazine, which, as the name suggests, adopts the sounds of a futuristic jungle.

You can download a mini-mix from Bromance’s SoundCloud to sample the whole album for yourself, before procuring your own full copy via Beatport. Stay tuned to Panteros 666 and the rest of Club Cheval to be the first to hear what this summer brings from Paris’ finest.