Apr 27, 2012
Huoratron's Cryptocratic Rule
Huoratron - Cryptocracy (Original Mix) [Last Gang]
Huoratron - Sea Of Meat (Original Mix) [Last Gang]
Huoratron - Transcendence (Original Mix) [Last Gang]

The evolution of techno and electro is here, and its name is Huoratron. The Helsinki, Finland native otherwise known as Aku Raski has been riding the supporting slot at shows around the US for a couple of years now opening for guys like Skrillex and Kill The Noise, but if he keeps releasing albums like Cryptocracy, he is going to be a headliner among headliners.

Cryptocracy, Huoratron’s first album release, is something of a hybrid between Boys Noize-style techno and electro, dubstep, and hard, industrial sounds the likes of which would surely pique Trent Reznor’s interest. From the foreboding artwork to track titles like Force Majeure and Top 1%, it is obvious that Huoratron has more than a passing interest in the state of world politics today–another reason he is surely at the tipping point of mass popularity. The title track (official video below) is a frenetic, almost crazed track that, like most of the songs on the album, manages to remain tonal in a sea of atonality. These “sound the alarm” styles are continued into the next track, New Wave Of Mutilation, before A699F rolls around and slaps the listener in the face with a wailing, electric guitar-like synth that maniacally jumps from a steady note pattern down to the tritone (or “devil’s tone”) below.

It’s almost impossible to pick out “highlights” from Cryptocracy, because every single track is an absolute work of art, but if you forced me to pick out the other “can’t miss” tracks, one of them would certainly be the darkly industrial dubstep banger Sea Of Meat. Listen to this track with a helmet on, because you may smash your head into the wall at the drop at 2:15–it’s one of the most unique dubstep drops I’ve heard in months. A final jewel on the album I will mention is the part soulful house, part hardcore gabber (yep) Transcendence. I’m not sure if a marriage between those two sound sets has ever been attempted, but Huoratron pulls it off so seamlessly it doesn’t feel like a musical anomaly. I would give you a cliche “keep your eye out for this guy” catchphrase, but my guess is he’s going to become such a mainstay in electronic music that you won’t be able to help but watch his meteoric rise to fame.

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