Jun 23, 2014
Hundred Waters Remain Natural With Video For ‘Out Alee’

There aren’t many bands who can claim to have toured with Skrillex and lived on Skid Row within the same year, but contradictions have become the norm for Florida’s Hundred Waters. Here is a band that makes serene pop, yet they sit on OWSLA, a label primarily inhabited by dubstep and electro house producers. And while electronic sounds take center stage in their music, the final product ends up sounding earthy and pastoral, with twinkling pianos and folk instrumentation inspiring scenes of gorgeous meadows and nighttime waterfalls. For anyone needing an intro to their sound, the new video for Out Alee is a perfect visual accompaniment, striking a good balance between shots of the artificial and the natural.

The video takes place in Arcosanti, Arizona and alternates between slow-mo shots of its surreal landscapes and footage of the band’s release party back in May for their new album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell. Arcosanti is an experimental town: its structures were built with arcological principles in mind, using technology and architecture to live more harmoniously with nature. In this sense, it’s a town that perfectly reflects the sound of Hundred Waters–they experiment with laptop noises, but then become organic-sounding with ambient interludes as spacious and warm as the the arid canyons and expansive grasslands featured in the video.

Lead singer Nicole Miglis casts herself as an indigenous princess, donning a woolly coat that looks like it was made from an alpaca she skinned herself. It’s hard to imagine that their past tours with Diplo or Pretty Lights could have felt this tribal, and if this sort of otherworldly performance seems like it might be up your alley, then check out their website for the dates of their American tour that begins this week.

Watch the video for Out Alee below:

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