Aug 06, 2011
Humpty Plump
Plump DJs - Hump Rock (Original Mix) [Grand Hotel]

The Plumps are back, and they’re hitting us with another unique breaks/electro track. Just check out some of the past posts we’ve done on them to get an idea of what the Plump DJs’ sound is all about, because they’re not like anyone else you’ve heard. One thing can always be said about the Plumps, though–something about their tracks requires you to stop and listen, no matter who you are. Get ready to be enthralled once again by their new release, Hump Rock.

Something about the verses of Plumps tracks are always very left of center–the breaks-driven rock verses of Hump Rock are no different. It starts to sound like a song you might actually like to hear at a fratty bar, but then the drop hits you with a glitchy, fidgety punch, and now the whole room is dancing. The track was released on the Plumps’ own Grand Hotel label–certainly one to watch for breaksy electro sounds similar to that of Hump Rock. As a bonus, here’s a link to a free download of the Plumps’ Daft Punk Tron mashup (right click and “save as”).

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