May 22, 2015
Watch Hudson Mohawke’s Blooming Video For ‘Scud Books’

Taken from his impending album Lantern, Hudson Mohawke’s Scud Books goes so hard that flowers actually blossom in the accompanying video.

The Glasgow-hailing producer revealed the track on Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show as a follow-up to his production with vocalist Irfane, Very First Breath. Keeping his hip-hop roots at the forefront, Scud Books takes a more cinematic approach with large broken beats laid atop multiple different chord progression segments. The whole thing is set to a psychedelic, super-slowmo video of flowers blossoming, bringing home the epic quality of the deep horn effects that dominate the track.

Head to the Warp website to hear this track, Very First Breath, and Ryderz off the new album and pre-order it here.

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