Sep 15, 2014
Hudson Mohawke Dishes On New Collabs
Hudson Mohawke - Chimes [Warp Records]

With the anticipation for Hudson Mohawke‘s upcoming EP Chimes at an all-time high, the Scottish producer revealed new details of other works in progress with English singer Antony Hegarty and Foals’ vocalist Yannis Philippakis.

In a chat with NME, Mohawke clues us in on what he’s been up to in the studio since his production group with Lunice, TNGHT, went on hiatus earlier this year:

“The album I’m producing for Antony is really cool as fuck,” states Mohawke, “It’s really political, very angry, taking on the NSA.” As for his work with Philippakis,”…Coming along. I think it’ll be pretty special.”

Mohawke is frequently tapped for his production prowess thanks to the success of his collaborations with megastars like Kanye West and Drake. While we wait to see what’s in store for these upcoming projects, we’ll be treated to the release of Chimes coming Sept. 29 via Warp Records.

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