Aug 23, 2011
HudMo Brings The Thunder
Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay [Warp]
Hudson Mohawke - Cbat [Warp]

Back in June, I previewed the EP Satin Panthers from glitch hop prodigy Hudson Mohawke. Well, the EP is finally here, and it brings with it a whomping five tracks full of innovation, technical prowess, and above all–personality. Satin Panthers picks up where Butter left off. He brings back his signature HudMo sound and pushes it forward with layers upon layers of custom synth sampling.

All the tracks on Satin Panthers are fantastic, but two of them stood out to me above all else. I know I already showed you a YouTube clip of Thunder Bay before, but now it’s time for you to put that track in your player. The track so crisp and vibrant; parts of it just roll over you in an awesome wave, while others will have you bobbing your head something fierce. There are so many parts of the song which make you go, “Wow.” Now, for the other track I’ve got 4 letters for you: C-B-A-T. Cbat is some next level sh*t. One minimal glitch hop synth sample is all it takes to get the dance floor naughty–you’ll know it when you hear it. I don’t know how he did it, but he discovered a way to make people have sex in ten notes or less. A perfect song for any glitch hop, hip hop, or even moombahton set. Happy listening beats heads <3

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