Jun 30, 2014
Hoxton Whores Get ‘Supernatural’
Duke - Supernatural (Hoxton Whores Dub) [Whore House]

The charmingly named Hoxton Whores have been a prolific presence on the house scene for a long time, and it’s not hard to see the appeal. Their latest track Supernatural is remix of house legend Duke, and it’s another example of what the Hoxton Whores do best.

Duke is best known for his ’90s classics, and it’s a sound the Whores work well with. It’s classic, funky and groovy, the type of house that has remained unchanged over the last 20 years. Combined with Duke’s soulful vocal and some big piano riffs, this is about as timeless as the genre gets. It’s all about putting a smile on your face, and not about current trends–and it’s perhaps why the Hoxton Whores have been such a welcome presence for so long.

Supernatural is out now on Whore House.

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