May 09, 2011
How Bizzare
Al Bizzare - Fresh Scream (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Al Bizzare - Fire Breazze (Original Mix) [Spinnin']

This past couple of weeks, a slew of blogs and media outlets alike garnered attention to a track by Deadmau5 and Feed Me with a remix from Skrillex. Now, I know what you’re thinking; those three names together on one track (Sarcastic House Mafia, anybody?) make for some indescribable excitement, and probably some unimaginable tuneage. Unfortunately, it turns out that the track in question is not a Skrillex remix of the Deadmau5/Feed Me original Pixel Cheese. On the flip-side though, the track was good enough to confuse a lot of people for a decent amount of time.

The bitchin’ electro track that had everyone fooled, Fresh Scream, is credited to Russian duo Al Bizzare. With a light, dancing melody and high-pitched, sometimes strobing synths, this song truly has what it takes to hang with the best of them. If you’re feeling this duo, check out Fire Breazze as well, their first release on Spinnin’ Records from late last year.

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