Aug 06, 2010
Horses and Synthesis
Simian Mobile Disco - 10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong (Original Mix) [Wichita]
Simian Mobile Disco - Synthesise (Original Mix) [Wichita]

Simian Mobile Disco has done it agian. The UK based dynamic duo has produced two rather oddly-named techno tracks, 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong and Synthesise. Both tracks follow the same structure–a repetitive melody of glitchy synths with an underlying tech house beat. Horses is a very chill, fun track that you will find enjoyable on your way to work or school. Starting off, the chiptune-esque synths come at you sparingly with a beep every few seconds. As the track progresses, they march towards you like an assault by cute little aliens with laser guns. “Pew, pew, bleep, bloop.” It’s a perfect example of how even a genre like techno can be playful while at the same time maintaining its danceability.

Synthesise is definitly more of a club track. From the beginning, you can tell that this track is tech house – the bass is harder, the synths are darker, and SMD even adds in some lyrics for a poweful effect. About halfway through the song, things start to pick up. A stylish build-up of exploding electro-synths coupled with a long “wooo” from the singer set the dark tone for the rest of the track.

Two great videos have been made for both of these tracks. Viewable on their MySpace page, each video shows a slice of what it’s like to be at an SMD live show. Directed by Kate Moross and Alex Sushon of Dot Alt, these two hip videos capture the feel of the tracks. They are visually pleasing and are just a lot of fun to watch. Check them out for yourself!

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