May 05, 2012
Hop Aboard The Last Train To Party
Alberto Pascual - Last Train To Party (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
Alberto Pascual - A Nebula Intro (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
Alberto Pascual - Acrobata (Original Mix) [Plus 8]

A mega release on Plus 8 Records and worldwide play by the foremost figures in techno is no small task. That is, unless you’re Alberto Pascual. The young Madrid native has been churning out hit after hit, bringing his signature driving sound to dancefloors worldwide. His latest release, Last Train To Party, solidifies his status as a major player to watch for in the techno scene.

The title track is a big room techno anthem, an amalgamation of driving beats and nonstop motion that sets the tone for the rest of the release. Nebula Intro pulsates in your skull, building to pure euphoria. Acrobata takes you on a dizzying bassline journey, then proceeds to eat you alive, chew you up, and spit you out dancing. This is take-no-prisoners techno at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the ride.

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