Oct 18, 2010
Hooked On That Hypercaine Feeling
DJ Fresh & Stamina MC feat Koko - Hypercaine (Nero Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]

In late 2009, Drum and bass superstar DJ Fresh of Gold Dust fame, in true fashion of staying ahead of his genre, teamed up with dubstep “it” producers Nero to give us Hypercaine, a “drumstep” masterpiece that rides the line between hip-hop, house, dnb, and that wobbly wob we all love. Listen to the way the drum pattern of this track develops and changes, but somehow still manages to remain seamless. Quite impressive.

As a friend of mine said, the genre of dubstep is becoming the melting pot for every genre to combine into one glorious sound. I think, as in the case of this track, we will begin to see numerous artists on dubstep tracks just as a musical experiment to see how many different sounds and genres can be mixed together. I’m quite excited to see the results of such experimentation.

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