Jun 08, 2015
HOLY SHIP! Blackballs Fans Who Referenced Drugs On Facebook

HOLY SHIP! fans got quite a shock after receiving letters that they have been banned from the party boat and all future events on account of drug references they made via Facebook.

Evidently cracking down on the ship’s no drug policy, any members a part of Holy Ship’s #SHIPFAM fan community that referenced anything pertaining to drugs were met with the jarring message: “We were very disappointed to see your recent comments in a HOLY SHIP! group page on Facebook – your posts have been documented and brought to our attention.”

The message continued by saying that ship reservations for 2016 belonging to these individuals have been cancelled and that they would no longer be allowed to attend future events. Though the message is signed by HARD’s cruise ship partner Cloud 9, it is not clear if the company breached the Facebook group’s privacy, or the extent of HARD’s involvement in the message.

Speculations that #SHIPFAM might have an informant among their large online community have been brought forth, though where the users’ comments are being documented remains a mystery. All fans who have had their reservations forcibly cancelled will receive a refund, but that will do little to quell the anger felt by a large community of disheartened HOLY SHIP! fans.

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