Jan 01, 2012
Holiday Lasers
Bobby Tank - Cybo (Original Mix)
Bobby Tank - Used to Know (Original Mix)

I don’t just love Bobby Tank because he’s awesome. I love him because he’s awesome and his SoundCloud page rains free downloads! As a holiday present, Mr. Tank gifted us with a couple of way-beyond-killer tracks. My womp receptors are on fire! It’s rare that I pick up a free release and get this excited about it.

I want you to do a few things for me, for Bobby Tank, for yourself. First, check out Cybo. This track just shot to the top of my “songs I’m listening to” list; I haven’t previously beheld such utter fire in a minute and a half! Almost as epic is Bobby’s other free holiday release, Used to Know. Between the panty-dropping laser bass and well-chosen vocals, this release is almost equally bonkers (and was that the Super Mario pipe sound I heard?). Like Bobby Tank on Facebook too; this guy deserves the love.

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