Apr 02, 2011
High To Low
Daphni - Ye Ye [Text]
Four Tet - Pinnacles [Text]

I previously introduced all you LT3ers to one of the men who has been controlling the indie electronica game, Four Tet. This time, he’s back and he’s brought along a friend, Daphni (aka Dan Snaith of Caribou). The two have released two singles together on Four Tet’s Text imprint, a medium for which he only releases “very special” tracks. Both of these singles are very unique in their own right, and showcase each producer’s musicianship and technical ability very well.

Daphni’s track, Ye Ye, is a little more on the edgy side. If you’ve listened to Four Tet’s Essential Mix, then the beginning will sound very familiar to you. The melody progresses into a dark world full of dark corners and echoes. A man can be heard in the shadows proclaiming “yeah, yeah, yeah” while deep buildups make you feel like you’re levitating off the ground. Add to this the reverbed synth and now you feel like you’re in the next sequel to TRON.

Four Tet’s song, Pinnacles, has a more jazz-like feel to it. The same funky bass guitar line can be heard throughout the whole song, while intermittent echoes and piano grooves keep things dancey and interesting. As you progress further into the song, the layers start accumulating. My favorite part is toward the end at the 6:00 mark, when a colorful synth melody discreetly makes its way into your ears, then it all closes with a psychedelic breath of air.

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