Mar 28, 2011
High Gravity
Sons of Methuselah - Convolutions (Original Mix) [Songbird]
Arnej - They Need Us (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]

There just aren’t enough powerfully addictive minimal basslines for my insatiable thirst. Born out of the progressive scene, this sound has found its way onto the Songbird release Convolutions by Biblically named Scottish producer Sons of Methuselah. The name refers to coiled objects, which is artistically described by the springing piano melodies and bouncing bass riffs that form the track’s bottomless atmosphere.

A previous derivative of this enslaving sound came last year with Arnej‘s stompin’ progressive tune They Need Us. Perhaps referring to the Canadian’s loads of yearning fans, They Need Us (like Convolutions) effectively maneuvers deep minimal basslines that carry enormous gravity with them.

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