May 04, 2011
Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife
PANTyRAiD - Jail Bait (Original Mix) [PANTyRAiD]
PANTyRAiD - Testarossa (Original Mix) [PANTyRAiD]
PANTyRAiD - Worship the Sun (Original Mix) [Marine Parade]

PANTyRAiD is the glorious EDM lovechild of producers Marty Folb aka MartyParty and Josh Mayer aka Ooah of Glitch Mob fame. A few days ago, they dropped Superior, a four track EP showcasing their west coast swag. Like Mimosa, who I recently did a write-up for, their music is the brand of EDM that gets people bumping and grinding. It sounds good on your home speakers or headphones, but in a club, this is where it’s at. By juxtaposing melodic beats with the power of dubstep and downtempo proclivities, PANTyRAiD wields a musical styling unlike anything else out there.

Since they’re both excellent DJs individually, when together they provide an explosive club experience. I saw them in New York City right before the new year, and their flow is phenomenal. They mix back and forth like they share a mind, and everything that either of them drops is just the right track for that particular moment. A dancefloor under the command of these guys is a dancefloor you want to be on.

Superior is nothing less than what you’d expect of PANTyRAiD; it’s four tracks of progressive EDM glory. The real standouts to me are Jail Bait and Testarossa, which are both thumpin’, body-moving tracks. If you like what you hear, you can listen to a song from PANTyRAiD’s last album, The Sauce: Worship the Sun should give you a good idea of just how versatile these guys get. You can also download a sweet free minimix by PANTyRAiD here.

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