Jun 23, 2010
He's Up There.
Uppermost - Cake Shop Is Dope (Original Mix)
Spencer & Hill - 303 (Uppermost Remix)

Like Deadmau5? Wolfgang Gartner? Know this name: Uppermost. Seriously.

Uppermost began making music when he was listening to people like Deadmau5. Welcome to the digital age of music, ladies and gentlemen. Expect a huge influx of both amazing and god-awful music, in this case amazing. Chest-rattling synths paired with robust melodies and a healthy dose of wit make for some bad-ass tunes. Uppermost has been featured in a few compilations, and has reached #3 on Beatport’s weekly electro house songs, but I am positive that he’s far from peaking. Here’s one of my favorite Uppermost originals, Cake Shop is Dope, and a massive remix of Spencer & Hill’s recent release, 303.

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