Oct 25, 2011
He's Not From Dallas
DallasK - Front/Back (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
DallasK - Jupiter (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
DallasK - Crush (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]

There seems to be a crazy influx of young producers really stepping up the plate in the past two years, so perhaps you won’t find it too surprising that today I’m here to present a twenty year-old who is adding to the growing genre of complextro. Orlando-based DallasK has been producing music since the age of fifteen, and he’s clearly been putting those years to good use as his productions sound nicely polished and employ a variety of techniques. His tracks have seen some nice attention on Hype Machine as well as Twitter charts, so the heat is just beginning for this young talent.

One of his newer releases, Jupiter, is a refreshing blend of progressive and complextro sounds. Deeply emotional and driving, this track should be making its way into playlists and live sets all over. Speaking of playing in sets all over, Nero certainly made a big splash with their track Crush On You, and DallasK has taken note and jumped into the game with his own rendition, simply titled Crush. This one’s a bit bouncier and a has a slightly more “party” vibe to it. The third track I’m throwing on here is Front/Back, which is just downright rave, with excellent vocal sampling, dirty wobbles, and hard drops. Altogether it’s very clear that DallasK can produce this style of EDM with the best of ‘em. I’m excited to see him explore his sound further and really develop something that can clearly distinguish himself from the rest of the scene.

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