Jul 09, 2015
Equalize All The Things With ‘Here’ Earbuds

Imagine you’re at the back of a festival tent listening to your favorite artist, except the bass from the neighboring stages is enough interference to make you want to pull the hair right from your scalp. Now imagine you had the ability to turn down that unwanted bass, just for yourself. This is what Doppler Labs have created with their new “Here” earbuds.

Developed in tandem with the company’s unique phone app, the “Here” earbuds let users manipulate the frequencies they hear in everyday life–essentially becoming your own personal equalizer. Without affecting the sounds you actually want to listen to, “Here” will allow users “to turn up the bass at a concert, or reduce the sound of a baby crying on a plane” and more.

Though not yet on the market, the product has already raised a whopping $17 million in investments, with both Tiesto and Hans Zimmer having a share in the product. Both the superstar DJ and composer share a common interest over the earbuds’ second aspect which is the ability to add sound effects like reverb, flange, and echo to live scenarios without delay. Doppler CEO Noah Kraft explains that even with the worst seats in a concert hall, “adding reverb can potentially turn every room into Carnegie Hall.”

While the product continues to develop, the current prototype will be made available for testing to the 2,855 who pledged to the company’s initial Kickstarter campaign. Kraft hopes to have the product available to the public soon, so that everyone can start tailoring their personal sonic experience in real time.

For more info about Doppler Labs’ “Here” earbuds, head to their website here.

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