Jan 29, 2015
Here Comes The Drop: Your New Favorite Music Discovery Tool

Dance music fans have a new way to sift through the wealth of tunes on SoundCloud and get to those gems faster with The Drop, a Reddit-style platform for sharing and curation.

The founder of Twitch and Justin.TV, Justin Kan, told LessThan3 that the idea arose from his desire to simply find new music on a daily basis. Initially a download-based app concept, Kan later changed his approach to gear more toward today’s streaming-focused market.

The Drop runs on the open-source curation platform Telescope using SoundCloud API, much like streaming music on your favorite blog, however offers crowdsourced content surfaced through a voting system. While similar to existing platforms like Hype Machine and the recently Insomniac-absorbed Boomrat, The Drop is moderated track-by-track, and culls data direct from users as opposed to a selection of blogs.

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