Jan 13, 2012
Here Come the Germans
Phace & Misanthrop - What's Wrong (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
Phace & Spor - Out of Focus (Original Mix) [Neosignal]

It’s not often that a tune manages to break new ground in this heavily saturated arena of electronic dance music. What’s Wrong by Phace (whom we recently interviewed) & Misanthrop is such a tune, delivering a highly unique sound that will leave most club PAs smoking. The EP containing the track, released by the duo’s own imprint Neosignal, also features drum’n’bass/dubstep producer Spor (aka Feed Me) on the B-Side, giving d’n’b heads a double-shot of dancefloor pressure.

Phace and Misanthrop deliver an absolute beast of a tune in What’s Wrong. The song starts modestly, almost sounding like loading screen music from a militaristic first-person-shooter video game. Then the dissonance of the pitch bending lead synth makes its debut and the tune goes from 0 to 170 in one second flat. As soon as the track drops, most d’n’b heads will recognize that this isn’t typical breakbeat fare. Having a lead synth dive in pitch constantly is very unconventional as it doesn’t allow the listener to identify the tonal scheme to a tune, but that is the genius of this production! It somehow sounds incredibly musical while the lead synth is frantically gliding all over the place. Flip to the B-side for a collab between Spor and Phace called Out of Focus. Much darker than the A-side, Spor and Phace have put together some sinister vibes on this tune. The quality drum programming is apparent from the start, as is always the case for Spor tracks. Pair that with the twisted, alien-formant bass, and this tune shines in the darkest sense of the word.

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