Jul 14, 2013
Henrix, Wayne & Woods Resurrect Jumangee
Wayne & Woods vs. Henrix - Jumangee (Original Mix) [Size]

From blockbuster film to a now lethal, nostalgic collaboration, Jumanji, or, according to Henrix and Wayne & Woods, Jumangee, has already seen a great deal of success on the big screen thanks to Robin Williams and company. The thing we’re all wondering is, how will it handle its transition to the main stage in front of thousands of screaming fans? Keeping with the Jumanji trend of African influence and tribal flare, Henrix and Wayne & Woods give their take on the wild world of the animal kingdom with their new collaboration Jumangee, out now on Size.

From the get-go, Jumangee boasts a firm line of tribal-influenced drums and a transcendent melody that will sweep you off your feet upon first listen. The most tantalizing part of this track is, of course, its heavy drop. With rolling big room synths and gripping synth stabs, Jumangee is sure to be a track that will be difficult to keep out of your sets. Pick up the track over on Beatport today.

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