Apr 08, 2013
Henrix: The New Miami Sensation
Henrix feat. Roland Clark - Rock This Dream (Original Mix) [Mixmash]
Henrix & Jakob Liedholm feat. Giuseppe Viola - Losing My Mind (Original Mix) [Mixmash]
Henrix - Viral (Original Mix) [Mixmash]

If ever there were a time for American house younglings to step up to the plate and start to mold the sound of European house into something groundbreaking and relatable, now would be it. Enter Henrix, a 25 year-old Miami DJ/producer with a knack for making big room hits and making it looking easy, too. Henrix made a big splash when his track with GTA and Digital Lab, Hit It, released on Size Records and peaked at #2 on the Beatport Top 100. He began attracting the attention of biggies like Universal Republic and Laidback Luke, whose Mixmash label is housing Henrix’s Rock This Dream EP, which releases today.

Rock This Dream’s title track kicks the EP off with an apocalyptic bang, featuring melodies from the Requiem For A Dream theme and a drop that is nothing short of rave destruction–for proof, see the video below of Laidback Luke dropping it on the UMF Mainstage. Losing My Mind sees Henrix pairing up with Swedish newcomer Jakob Liedholm and Italian vocalist Giuseppe Viola for a track that is the musical antithesis of the other two tracks on the EP. While Rock This Dream and Viral are both dark to near-cinematic levels, Losing My Mind is an uplifting, hands-in-the-air tune that demonstrates the true versatility of this budding producer. Aforementioned track Viral closes the EP out on the suspenseful note that the title track kicked off with, with high-flying piano cords and and a relentless, percussive drop reminiscent of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. Like what you hear? Pick up the Rock This Dream EP on Beatport here.

Keep an eye on Henrix as he heads out for a US tour in April, kicking off with Bassjackers and Dyro on April 11th at Sutra in Orange County, California (tour flyer below).

henrix tour

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