Jan 20, 2014
HELENA Tells Us To ‘Breathe’
Helena - Breathe (Original Mix) [Mutants]

Australia’s reigning electro queen, HELENA, is back and ready to start off the new year in a big way. Following up on last month’s release, Legend, she joins fellow Aussie Jimi Frew on John Dahlback’s Mutants Records for her newest production, Breathe, which is what you’ll have to tell yourself to do after listening to the song.

Asked about the process behind the production, she had this to say:

“For me the aim behind Breathe was to create a cool, dynamic break with a filthy, powerful drop… I picked out the sample of the word ‘breathe’ to represent that last intake of air before you lose your mind… Mutants, to me, was a perfect match for Breathe… It is such a respected label; their sound is unique and they are not afraid to push the boundaries with the music they release.”

Speaking of pushing boundaries, that is exactly what she does to an electro scene that was feeling a little bit tired. Incredibly infectious synths and an invigorating intro grab your attention right off the bat, before a ragged and rough drop have you gasping for air. In her own words, “It’s a fresh sound for the start of a fresh new year, what could be more perfect than that?” We’re with you 100 percent on this one, HELENA. Pick it up on Beatport now.

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