Sep 18, 2013
Hear The Sounds Of The Hounds Of Hell
Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash - Hounds Of Hell (SiriusXM Premiere)

Hellhounds Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner premiered their new collab last night on SiriusXM radio, titled Hounds Of Hell.

Sharing its name with their Hounds Of Hell Tour, the track offers a fitting and ferocious soundtrack to the less-than-cuddly combined identity of Gartner and Trash as vicious dogs. Although there aren’t any barks or snarling dog samples to be heard, there are some seriously intense and high-pitched stabs sitting on top of an undulating and abrasive electro bassline. Overall, a loud and lovely love-child of skill and sonic aggression from the two electro mavens.

Pick up the track on Beatport when it drops Sept. 24 on Kindergarten, and check out the dates for the Hounds Of Hell Tour here.

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