Nov 17, 2015
Jack Beats Keep Everything Gangster With New Single ‘Coupe De Ville’
Jack Beats - Coupe De Ville (Original Mix) [Rinse]

Masters of the wobble sound Jack Beats have shared Coupe De Ville from their Zone EP, the duo’s debut release on the acclaimed UK imprint Rinse.

First appearing in Jack Beats’ HARD Day of the Dead mixtape, Coupe De Ville is a testament to their grime and hip hop roots which stem directly from the heart of the UK dance scene. Vocal snippets that could very well have been recorded from Snoop Dogg’s cousin suavely croon to “keep everything gangster” throughout the work. Less abrasive than a lot of their earlier work, this track is all smoothly transitioned pitch shifts dotted with simple percussive elements.

Coupe De Ville arrives on the Zone EP alongside the title track featuring vocalist Riko Dan. Grab the full EP on Rinse’s website here.

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