May 10, 2011
Head Like a Frisbee
Minnesota - Meow (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Dr. Knobz - Bass Goblins (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Helicopter Showdown - Get Tuff (Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix) [MalLabel]

What does your head feel like right now? If you replied “normal,” you must not have heard of MalLabel. The San Francisco-based label, self-described as an “underground bass movement,” recently released their first compilation album, and I have to say: Saucerface is legit! Just looking at the album cover, you get the feeling that the album is going to have a lot going for it.

Saucerface boasts a swath of names you want to hear. What I like the most about this compilation, though, is that a lot of these artists are up-and-coming and haven’t broken through the underground yet, but I have a feeling they’ll all be making big waves soon. Artists with fat tracks on the album include Minnesota, who we recently covered and is projected as an rising star in the dubstep scene, Dr. Knobz, whose Bass Goblins will blow your mind, and Mochipet, who delivers as always. Also to be checked out are Helicopter Showdown, 6BLOCC, and Bad Media, who also are very much in need of some spotlight time.

The best part about this compilation is how collaborative it is. Not only does it showcase each artist individually, but several tracks on the album are remixed by other artists also featured on the album. When embarking on this wobbletastic adventure, your head should feel like nothing less than a frisbee hurtling through the air. Minnesota track Meow is sick, as is to be expected, but my real favorites on this compilation are Bass Goblins by Dr. Knobz, and the Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix of Helicopter Showdown’s Get Tuff.

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