Mar 21, 2012
He Becomes the Rider
Ghost Rider - One Gun (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider & Megamind - The Way Out (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider - Sweet Poison (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]

For veteran trancers, the subgenre of psytrance holds a special place in the heart. In a way, it’s the most primal form of their beloved genre, tapping into the aspects of dance music makes the mind trace endless circles. Having soaked up the psychedelic dance music of Israel since his arrival there at 15, Vlad Krishovein, aka Ghost Rider, is no stranger to this side of trance.

With his self-titled EP just out, Ghost Rider is defining Israeli psytrance like the second coming of Infected Mushroom. Quick tempos, spacy soundscapes and some odd noises here and there is the name of the game. One Gun modernizes the deal with dubstep bass, while The Way Out switches it up with some melodic tech trance elegance. Sweet Poison is the darkest and most abstract of the bunch. Wait till the middle, when the beat gets… messed with. You’ll know what I mean when the last drop sends you on a one-way trip into insanity.

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