Apr 04, 2014
Haywyre Destroys Genres With ‘Two Fold Pt. 1′
Haywyre - Dichotomy (Soft Mix) [Monstercat]
Haywyre feat. CoMa - Time [Monstercat]
Haywyre - Sculpted [Monstercat]

Haywyre‘s latest album, Two Fold Pt. 1, is one of the best examples I can give for how impossible it’s becoming to separate styles of electronic music. Calling this glitch hop or “beats” reveals just how woefully inadequate our musical language is. Haywyre doesn’t seem to care for it at all.

Every time you blink during this album, you’ll hear a change or drop that’s about as irrational as quantum mechanics. I can imagine George Michael making glitch soul in an alternative universe. But even after listening to Dichotomy (Soft Mix) for the fourth time, I still can’t believe he’d include a live drum & bass bridge, arabic guitar breakdown, and loungey trip hop outro.

Song structure has no meaning in this dimension, as sound flows from one completely unrelated idea to the next, with all the grace of oxygen moving through the air. Time moves from ambient to two-step, then to house and back again. Sculpted starts at hip hop, then goes through Daft Punk, synth metal, and dubstep to get to a prog-rock climax. Nothing is left out here–classical piano solos, jazz chords, vocoders, sloppy handclaps, arpeggiators reaching for the stars, and every electronic music cliche under the sun.

Two Fold Pt. 1 begs the question–what does he have in store for part two? Electro-country yodelling? Bluegrass tech-disco? Deep J-pop? Snag this frankenstein creation on Beatport and start brainstorming.