Nov 21, 2013
Have I Ever Told You About Kulkid?
Kulkid - Have I Ever Told U (Original Mix)

Thomas “Kulkid” Ouf has had a busy year. Cashing in on the cred he’s accumulated by delightfully warping and skewing tunes from far outside of the electronic realm, the French young blood follows his first original track with Have I Ever Told U, quite possibly his best work to date.

Kulkid introduces his tune with a Caribbean steel drum just so we’ll be caught off guard all the more when he bends it into a chilly, funky house beat better suited to his native French Alps. In a recent interview with Thump, Ouf admits that he first began toying with Ableton while chilling at a ski resort on winter holiday. But this kid isn’t playing around anymore, and his uniquely fractured style attests to a rare musical maturity for someone who has only issued two original tracks to date.

Have I Ever Told U, along with nearly all of Kulkid’s previous output, is available as a free download in exchange for a “like” on Facebook. Better peep this kid now before he blows up in 2014.

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