Dec 14, 2011
Haunted Ark
Loops Haunt - Ark (Original Mix) [Black Acre]
Loops Haunt - Chalk Knots (Original Mix) [Black Acre]
Loops Haunt - Eagles Fated Pillars (Original Mix) [Black Acre]

When a young producer spends the best part of a year crafting just over eleven minutes worth of music, the results are bound to either be monumentally disappointing or utterly unmissable. Ark, Scott Gordon’s fourth release proper as Loops Haunt, falls firmly into the second category. The eleven minutes of music in question are among the most punishing, innovative and transcendent to have graced our ears this year.

Ark itself must have been transmitted from a distant space station just as it was being annihilated by a black hole. Opening innocuously enough with a stately array of vintage sci-fi sonics, the peace is violently broken by a searing onslaught as the station’s distress beacons burst into life. The moment of actual collision is documented by monstrous, shuddering bass as the faint hope of survival is replaced with the terror of impending implosion. Chalk Knots serves as a precisely sculpted transition between the hellish opener and the real highlight, Eagles Fated Pillars. If Ark documents the descent into the singularity, these four corroded minutes are all that survived the trip back through the wormhole, a wriggling mass of tortured synths and dense, obfuscating interstellar dust.

The sheer strangeness of these mutant electronics leads one to suspect that if only we humans could process a broader spectrum of energy, we would be privy to fragments of these productions that inevitably leaked through to the ultrasonic during creation. Simply put, this release is one of the most vital slices of outsider dub to be found anywhere this year. Absolutely essential for fans of Anstam, Objekt, and Dam Mantle.

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