Nov 18, 2012
Hashtag Are Set To Explode
Hashtag - Sh*t Bangs (Original Mix) [Technique]
Hashtag - Language Barrier (Original Mix) [Technique]

Hashtag is the collaboration super combo of British drum & bass veterans Erb n Dub and KG. Their second release presents us with both a trap and a D&B single.

Sh*t Bangs showcases trap’s UK dance influences. It starts off sounding like Hashtag chopped up a sample of an engine failing to turn over. Then the vocals battle back and forth, whirring into the raw energy of the arpeggiated lead. This is a heavy-hitter that will jerk everyone into moves that resemble a standing seizure.

Hashtag heads a totally different direction into euphoric and atmospheric drum & bass with Language Barrier. Showing they are no one-trick pony, the filtered synth and heavy piano fit perfectly over the amen break’s light and airy drums. The stab of the lead as the track drops into full harmonic assault is spine tingling and will surely lead to much shuffling and head-nodding. Be sure to grab these tracks when they release on the 25th of November.

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