Jun 18, 2011
Mimi Page - Come What May (GoldRush Remix) [Simplify]
Mimi Page - Beating for You (Miss Genesis Remix) [Simplify]
Mimi Page - Tomorrow (Elfkowitz Remix) [Simplify]

Early this year Simplify recordings announced Hamonious HeartBEATS, a remix contest designed around the tracks of LA singer and trip hop artist Mimi Page (pictured above). Just released, the album provides an abundance of sounds across the bassy EDM soundscape featuring tracks from a very talented new generation of producers.

My favorite remix here is GoldRush’s sedated remix of Come What May. With some strong 8-bit influence and a beat that somehow manages to get intense without being aggressive, GoldRush’s take on the sultry trip hop tune perfectly complements his fellow LA talent. Other standout remixes on this release include that of Miss Genesis, and Elfkowitz. The former, a remix of Beating For You, is a slick, grimy electro tune that tastefully uses the vocals of Miss Page. Detroit-based Elfkowitz, on the other hand, gives us a trippy, stripped down dubstep remix of Tomorrow. The tune has a nice glitchy feel and a pretty powerful bass that, when you think it may be too powerful for the tune, is quickly leveled out by some significantly wonked out synth lines.

I highly suggest checking out this remix album in full. Of the dozen remixes on it, there isn’t a single song I wouldn’t want to hear. Not only is this a testament to the quality of tunes Mimi Page has been producing, but the level of talent we’ll find in the next generation of Cali producers.

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