Apr 07, 2011
Hardly Just One Story
Affective & Sensorica - Ambrosia (Original Mix) [Particles]
Affective & Sensorica - Set Me Free (Original Mix) [Particles]

It’s pretty safe to say that this is going to be an explosive year for progressive house, given the wide variety of mutations that the genre is undergoing lately. Ranging from breaks to dubstep, progressive sounds are being thrown in a blender with other genres to produce unique new audio experiences. Affective & Sensorica (pictured) are a pair of Russian producers exploring this new frontier, and their contributions via a new album called One Story show that they’ve saddled up for some serious experimentation. Sampling techno, tech house, breaks, progressive, and even some dubstep sounds, their new album serves up a delectable set of musical entrees to tickle your taste buds.

I’d like to draw your attention to two tracks in particular, starting with Ambrosia. This aptly-titled track is a strong entry in progressive house that will prove how entrancing a well-produced bassline can be. Serving as the foundation of this track, the bouncy low ends infuse it with the kind of party vibe that will last for hours. You’ll find yourself drifting between the spacey ambient elements and the driving bassline beneath it as the track proceeds along its well balanced ebb-and-flow. Sonic Ambrosia, indeed!

By far the standout track of the album is Set Me Free, a glimpse into what is possible when genres collide. In this case, breaks and progressive elements are brought together into something unlike anything I’ve heard before. Major props go out to these guys for such a novel beat pattern and very stylized use of vocal sampling–using “set me free” as the drop-phrase is brilliant, almost as a meta comment on this track’s freeing of our minds from traditional definitions of progressive house. With all-around incredible attention to detail, this track is due some special attention.

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