Apr 08, 2013
Happily Ever After: The Ultra Wedding

Last month during Miami Music Week, something began trending on Twitter and Instagram that took the electronic music world by surprise: a bride and groom, clad in proper wedding attire, were spotted dancing and kissing in the crowd during weekend one of Ultra Music Festival. The couple vanished just as quickly as they appeared, and it seemed as if no one had a clue who they were. As soon as LessThan3 heard about the “Ultra Wedding,” we set out to find the newlyweds, and with the help our of Twitter fans we found them.

ultra wedding

Meet Kyle and Graciela, Miami natives and dance music fans who, before their wedding last month, had never been to Ultra. Leading up to their wedding ceremony, which was set to take place close to the festival, almost every conversation had been how to have a successful wedding despite the obstacles of Ultra. Where would family and friends park? How do we get everyone through the traffic? Where would post-ceremony photos be taken?

Ironically, before the wedding earlier that day, Kyle was brainstorming ideas for post-ceremony photos with wedding photographer Gesi Schilling when “lightbulbs flashed on.” As Kyle recalled, “we decided to take a different angle with Ultra. Instead of avoiding the chaos why not embrace it? Why not go right into the storm and capture the moment? Let’s just go and do the photos there!” Once they told bride-to-be Graciela the idea she “couldn’t have been more excited.” With Ultra cemented as such a cultural icon in Miami, being a part of it would “be so special considering [the couple] grew up [there].”

“Without these pictures we would have just had to explain for the rest of our lives how challenging and exciting it was to share our day with one of Miami’s biggest events. Instead we can just show our pictures and let them speak for themselves.”

Getting into Ultra wasn’t going to be a simple task–the idea was last minute, and the couple didn’t have any tickets. So how’d they pull it off? Kyle, Graciela and their photographer Gesi went up the front gate, asked if they could take some photos, and Ultra kindly obliged. Graciela continued, “we couldn’t believe Ultra let us take the photos! It was perfect!”

ultra wedding

And for those of you wondering, the tuxedo and wedding dress survived, though with a couple of bumps and bruises. And the stains on the white dress? “Totally worth it,” says Graciela.

Lastly, Kyle and Graciela have a message to all of you that helped make their unforgettable moment:

We were so grateful of the way in which we were received by the Ultra crowd. We really had no idea what to expect when we decided to go there for the post-ceremony photos. Everyone had nothing but love and enthusiasm for us and it really made our first few moments as a married couple so incredibly special, not to mention our “first dance” (aptly titled by our photographer Gesi) where we were surrounded by cheering people as we clumsily stumbled through some impromptu steps. Special thanks to the neon colored crowd that really made this experience unforgettable. Also, great music!

And they lived happily ever after.



Photos courtesy of Gesi Schilling. Be sure to check out her website for a complete album of the wedding.

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