Jun 18, 2011
Hands-Up Floor Stomper
Wezz Devall - This Is Your Day (Original Mix) [Armada]
Wezz Devall - Future Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]
Wezz Devall feat Isa Marie - Find this Dream (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]

Dutch tech trance sensation Wezz Devall has been responsible for pumping out choon after choon in the past year or so, with his underrated Monster Wave and Free My Willy and personal favorite This Is Your Day.

Fresh off his collab with W&W, Wezz is back with a new EP that’ll leave a smile on your face. First up is Future Tomorrow–a real floor stomper. With this one, he compiled the best elements from his previous works–subtle vocal chops, personifying effects and a big melody. The energy behind it is indescribable. On the flipside, he picks up Isa Marie (his significant other) and takes a stab at his first vocal track ever, Find This Dream. Isa delivers a strong message and fine performance while Wezz puts all the right techy touches; it’s pure bliss.

Photo credit goes to Michael Chidiac.

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